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Repair management

Component quality and reliability is paramount when it comes to material repairs and component support for both Tech-Log and its customers which is why Tech-Log chooses to work with the highest quality, most reputable repair vendors.

Many component suppliers’ priority is repairing at minimum cost in the likelihood the component will be sold or exchanged hence little emphasis on quality repair or reliability.
Utilising MROs who are responsible for ‘by-the-hour’ programs ensures that our repairs are of the highest quality, repaired for longevity on wing. Swift and efficient repair management ensures your components are back to you in good time, negating additional costs and enabling optimum inventory levels.
Streamlined vendor selection, based on repair cycle turn-time, competitive pricing, extended warranties and guaranteed replacement units are all understood as essential requirements when it comes to competent and efficient repair management. Tech-Log understands this business and offers genuine value for money component repair management.

Repair management

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