Materials services

Tech-Log has the infrastructure and experience to support operators requiring such a service and the flexibility to provide exactly what the operator requires.

Tech-Log provides a Demand Management service offering operators a flexible, cost-effective and efficient solution, allowing them to have a specialised outsourced purchasing department. Tech-Log offers the peripheral services of vendor selection, provisioning and stock auditing, that all tie in with the demand management service.

Liaising directly with the airline, Tech-Log provides this fully managed purchasing solution. All enquiries, demands and requirements the airline has are directed to Tech-Log which is skilled at liaising with service providers on your behalf, sourcing suitable suppliers, negotiating terms and rates through to the issue of purchase, exchange or loan orders to meet the requirements.

Tech-Log can manage the ordering process, expediting orders whilst also ensuring you are informed in respect to the availability and delivery status of orders.

Tech-Log’s demand management service allows you to benefit from having a single point of contact for all your support requirements, with an agreed service level in place, with a pricing structure to suit and minimising your staffing levels.


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