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Trust the integrity of Tech-Log and its partners to solve your component deficiencies.

Tech-Log has one of the most extensive and reliable inventories available. Partnering with by-the-hour component support inventory providers enables Tech-Log to supply components that are maintained to the highest quality level and the latest modification standards in order to generate the most reliable product for longer on wing performance. Where other stockists may have little incentive to undertake the highest quality repairs, our components are maintained to the highest levels with a quality product at a competitive price.

We offer operators access to the benefits of this inventory on an ad-hoc exchange and loan basis without the need for long term agreements. In addition to the extensive range of components available, Tech-Log offers very competitive pricing, first class customer support and a most reliable product with EASA Form 1 (often Dual Release) choosing to utilise the best quality repair vendors.

As a result very strong working relationships established over the years, Tech-Log has reached agreement with several of the most reputable MROs in the world to promote ad-hoc use of their inventories offering access to one of the largest pools of aircraft components in the world. Through the partnerships, Tech-Log operates as a ‘virtual airline’, demanding components on an AOG or planned basis to support airlines and MRO’s not wishing to commit to full Component Support agreements (by-the-hour). Tech-Log invests the time and energy into promoting the inventory access, managing the sourcing and approving of potential new customers, administering the enquiry process through to the ordering of components via a dedicated web-based inventory order system. The administering of the whole process is handled by the sales team at Tech-Log.

Exchange components are supplied with EASA Form 1, often with FAA 8130-3 Dual Release. CAAC release is also available on a large range of components. The components are invariably certified by reputable approved MROs or the OEM and have full traceability. All components are available for drop ship direct from one of our facilities or can be made available for collection by customers own logistics companies.


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Technical and Logistics Management Limited (Tech-Log)
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